The Role of Home Learning


Our aim is for the students to ‘reach their fullest potential intellectually, socially, and physically’. Educating the whole student is central to this philosophy. After the school day, many students are involved in sports teams, music lessons, or first language learning – all of which help in developing the whole student. At the completion of each school day, it is also important for students to have time to relax with family and friends.

Making homework meaningful

Although there are many differing opinions on homework, research is conclusive that only homework that is meaningful will have a positive impact on student learning. As such, it is our belief that any homework assigned should promote a love of learning which encourages positive learning experiences between students, parents and teachers. It should also recognize the importance of balance in our students’ busy lives.

Home reading

Reading is a vital part of a student’s development in elementary school and all students should have daily opportunities to read in order to help develop and maintain fluency and comprehension. Reading also helps build vocabulary and develop writing skills.

Other homework tasks

Apart from at home reading, it is the school’s position not to set daily homework for elementary students. However, there may be times when other homework tasks are assigned such as research tasks, or projects for current topics. Teachers may also assign occasional practice exercises (for example: in spelling, mathematics, or German). Teachers may also ask that students finish incomplete class work at home.

Any Home Learning for grades 1 -4 is published in their Seesaw and for Grade 5 in Managebac.

Any homework assignment is based on the following:

  • It should support the ISM philosophy
  • It should have a distinct purpose

It should be an enriching and meaningful experience related to classroom learning that allows families to support learning at home.

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