PYP Evaluation Report

Dear ISMainfranken learning community it is my pleasure to let you know that we have received our Evaluation report from the IB World Schools Department. ( if you are new to ISM, you may read more about our Evalution Process here and here.)

IB Evaluation Process: An Opportunity for Growth

IB World Schools are part of an international community and a network of schools and educators who collaborate around the world. As each school grows in its journey of implemtation of the IB mission and philosophy, each IB World School is regularly evaluated to ensure that the IB Standards and Practices of the program are being upheld with a depth of understanding and commitment. During the process, the school commits to a self-study, a process of formal reflection involving all stakeholders within the school community. The main areas for assessment are philosophy, resources and support, and curriculum.

The IB self-study is a process that the school engages in to assess our own implementation of the program. We identify major achievements during the five-year period under review and the outcome is a detailed action plan for the following implementation period.

Each IB World School reviews collaborative planning, the written curriculum, teaching, and assessment. In the academic year 2020-21, ISM engaged in an 18-month self-evaluation process. All faculty and leadership were actively involved in the process, where there was ample discussion around these standards and evidence collected to guarantee that our self-assessment was authentic.

Report on Programme Evaluation

The present report is based on the analysis of the self-study questionnaire and supporting documents
together with the findings of the school visit.

ISM PYP Evalution Report

Outcome of the evaluation process of your school
Based on the findings included in the report, the IB has not identified any matters to be addressed.
We trust the information found in this report will support the school in its continued implementation and enhancement of the IB programme.
We wish you continued success with the implementation of the IB Programme. We hope the self-study process has been beneficial and will lead to an even stronger programme implementation. We appreciate the contribution your school makes to the IB community and look forward even greater engagement in the coming years.

Yours sincerely,
Adrian Kearney
Director of IB World Schools

Our next steps include the dissemination of the feedback and update our action plan. I wish to thank you all today for embracing our common mission and vision so wholeheartedly, without such a commitment we would have never been able to be so succesful as we have been, espeacially during the past two years!

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