PYP Policies and Procedures

As an IB World School, we have an extensive policy kit that guides and supports the operations across the school in all departments. The academic policies are always developed collaboratively and in line with the ISM Mission statement and the IB Standards and Practices. Our policies are written in order to ensure consistency in practice and provide a structure for teaching and learning and student welfare. Here are a few policies and procedures you may be interested in reading.

The main document that has all the following information collected under one file is the ISM Parent Student Handbook:

ISM Guiding Documents

ISM Continuous Learning Program

Principles of Learning

IT Acceptable Use Agreement

You will receive the IT Acceptable use agreement in with your package of notes from admissions. Please complete this form in order for your child to fully utilize the IT at school, without the document, signed by yourself and your child, we will not be able to allow access to the tools required to access the learning. We have sent the letter to all parents and students and have made sure the expectations are age-appropriate for each grade and will be discussed in the classroom. Please chat to your child about the agreement and perhaps set the same guidelines at home to ensure consistency. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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