Primary School Coffee Mornings

The Bavarian Hygiene and Safety regulations are continuing to keep our PYP team on our toes. We decided that we will embrace these rules as something that will keep us safe, therefore we will seek and enjoy every silver lining that presents itself. As you are aware Back to School BBQ is canceled this year again, but no fear, we have something better for you!

Last year we launched PYP Coffee Mornings for our Primary Years Programme families and have decided to continue this practice. This year’s Coffee mornings will happen during this week:

Monday 13.09. at 8:15 G3
Tuesday 14.09. at 8:15 G2
Wednesday 15.09. at 8:15 G4
Thursday 16.09. at 8:15 G1
Friday 17.09. at 8:15 G5.

There will be a short presentation by your student’s homeroom teacher about what the learning in the PYP classroom looks like. The information we share includes ways to really support your student’s learning at school, home learning advice, and support and information about a wide range of things from safety to transdisciplinary themes and units of inquiry to mindfulness and more.

Why come in for a coffee morning?

  • meet other parents
  • chat with your friends
  • celebrate learning
  • learn something new about PYP
  • feel involved and up to date

Coffee mornings are always fun and very informal. This is a great time to ask questions, share experiences, and find out first what is happening in school and how you are part of our learning community.

As per our Health and Safety regulations, we are only able to host one class at a time. Your homeroom teacher sent their invitation in Seesaw.

How we communicate with you

In addition to this blog obviously, we use Seesaw!

Ensure that we are connected

Use Seesaw on any device

Need help? See our step-by-step instructions for downloading Seesaw on your device.

To learn more about Parent-Teacher communication please refer to our website or Student-Parent Handbook

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