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The Learner Profile is the IB Mission Statement translated into behavior outcomes, as separate actionable attributes, to enable us all to better understand what we can do to become internationally-minded learners. The ten attributes, or character traits, are values for a lifelong continuum of thinking, doing,
being – a long-term vision of education that should be shared by our immediate and larger learning community; school, parents, and students. The benefit of the Learner Profile in the PYP is that it provides us with a common vocabulary for teachers, students, and parents to use. That isn’t to say that once we have shared it once that we all have internalized them, they need to be interpreted and modeled for all learners; we must look for authentic demonstrations of these attitudes in our daily lives of our students in order to raise awareness of, and build an appreciation for them. 

We recognize the positive display of an attribute by our learners through feedback and reflection. All classrooms share their growth and understanding of the attributes through authentic learning engagements throughout the week but also in our assemblies, 3-way and student-led conferences and in report cards as well.

IB Learner Profile / ISHCMC / ISM

Learner Profile in Child-friendly Language

Inquirers:  I want to find out. I am curious to know about everything.
Thinkers:  I think before I act and talk. I can find solutions for problems.
Communicators:  I listen to your ideas. I share my views and express my ideas.
Knowledgeable:  Tell me more. I learn and share my knowledge with others.
Risk-Takers:  I have a go. I give it a try. I always try new things so I may know how things are done.
Principled:  I do the right thing. I follow rules and regulations.
Caring:  I am a good friend. I care for others.
Open-Minded:  It’s ok to be different. I respect other’s ideas, suggestions, and criticism.
Balanced:  I take care of myself. I eat healthily and stay active. I work, play, and rest. I spend time with friends and with family.
Reflective:  I think back to remember how I did something well. I try to understand my mistakes and learn not to repeat them. I portray a positive image in front of others.

Fragende: Ich will es herausfinden. Ich bin neugierig, über alles etwas zu erfahren.
Wissende: Ich erzähle mehr. Ich lerne und teile mein Wissen mit anderen.
Denkende: Ich denke, bevor ich handle und rede. Ich kann Lösungen für Probleme finden.
Kommunikatoren: Ich höre mir Ideen an. Ich teile meine Ansichten mit und drücke meine Ideen aus.
Prinzipientreue: Ich tue das Richtige. Ich befolge Regeln und Vorschriften.
Vorurteilsfrei: Es ist in Ordnung, anders zu sein. Ich respektiere die Ideen, Vorschläge und Kritik anderer.
Fürsorglich: Ich bin ein guter Freund. Ich kümmere mich um andere.
Risikofreudig: Ich probiere etwas aus. Ich probiere es aus. Ich probiere immer neue Dinge aus, damit ich weiß, wie es geht.
Ausgewogen: Ich achte auf mich selbst. Ich esse gesund und bleibe aktiv. Ich arbeite, spiele und ruhe mich aus. Ich verbringe Zeit mit Freunden und mit der Familie.
Reflektierend: Ich denke zurück, um mich zu erinnern, wie ich etwas gut gemacht habe. Ich versuche, meine Fehler zu verstehen und lerne, sie nicht zu wiederholen. Ich gebe vor anderen ein positives Bild ab.

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Applying the Learner Profile

In our weekly newsletters, we share a unit summary of each unit with parents to highlight and focus on two or three Learner Profile attributes via Seesaw. This means that during the unit of inquiry teachers plan, facilitate, observe and record student learning engagements where they are able to build a better understanding of this aspect of the Learner Profile attributes in their own contexts.

We can also use videos to explore stories.

Chris Gadbury

Another great opportunity is to find the focus attribute as a theme in read aloud stories and fairy-tales.


LP Activities for Parents.pdf Source: Nagoya International School

In Conclusion…

There are many ways to promote the IB learner profile attributes. Let me know how you promote it in your home.

  • How can you embed the focus Learner Profile attribute in your home?
  • How can you display the Learner Profile attributes in your home?
  • How do you model the Learner Profile in your own actions to your student/s?
  • What are your favorite picture books to highlight the different learner profile attributes?
  • Share your Learner Profile strategies and ideas in the comments or in social media with #ISMlearnerprofile!

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