Ab Schola Ad Mundum

AKA Global Connections

From the school to the world

ISM logo includes a latin motto: Ab Schola Ad Mundum, from the school to the world, this highlights ISM’s dedication to the IB Learner Profile and Internationalism. Creating opportinities for our students to make local and global connections is a key element for us. As an IB World School we are required to align our educational values with the ones of IBO.

The International Baccalaureate® aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.
To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.
These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

International Baccalaureate® Organization

Furthermore, in PYP Programme Model, the International-Mindedness encompasses the whole programme. This is also evident in our Programme of Inquiry.

Making Connections

Here at ISM we actively seek and maintain local and global connections with other schools and students around the world:

Global Read Aloud

During October our students have been making connections all around the globe by joining the Global Read Aloud – One Book to Connect the World.

This year our grades 3 – 4 listened to A boy called BAT and grade 5 discovered the story of Amal Unbound. Through Global read aloud we are able to connect with various other classes around the world by using apps like Flipgrid, Seesaw, Skype and Google Docs. This gives our students the opportunity to learn about similarities and differences of opinions, values and norms of children of their own age.

Using Seesaw to make predictions about Amal Unbound

Mystery Skype

Our G5 is taking part in skyping with schools around the world in a friendly guessing competition. It is a global game that gets kids learning about geography, culture, and the similarities and differences of how children live in other parts of the world.  

Travelling Tales

We connect, collaborate and create to tell a tale. 

Each tale is created in 5 parts. This is based on a Story Mountain.

  1. Beginning
  2. Build Up
  3. Problem/Dilemma
  4. The resolution
  5. The ending

A topic/idea is agreed upon. This is being linked to our Units of Learning/Inquiry.

Each class is thinking of using it for a different purpose. Class 1 could be thinking of making it a focus on adjectives. Class 2 could be thinking about using exciting ways to begins sentences/ transition words etc.

Each class/school is assigned a part of the story.

Grade 5 is using Travelling tales to authentically connect with #UN2030 Goals and grammar
Travelling Tale 11: The Wish

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